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I would like to welcome you to my family history website which pays particular interest into the Rosedale family.
When I started investigating my family history in 2009 I discovered that Rosedale my mother’s maiden name was a fairly rare surname so I decided to look into this family further.

Since then I have discovered that my family tree is mainly based in North-West England and North Wales and it includes hopefully most instances of the Rosedale surname.  In total, I have 2,681 individuals including 199 directly-related Rosedales.  There are many Rosedale that I have been unable to connect into my own family tree, who are also listed on this website, under individuals.

Variant names

There are a number of variants to the Rosedale surname; Rosindale, Rosendale, Rosedell and Rosdell to name but a few.  Some of these variants are of course surnames in their own right, but many times have also been confirmed as probable mis-spellings to the Rosedale surname.

Name origin

The ‘Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland’ fails to list the surname.  However the Rosedale surname is likely to be a topographical surname linked to a particular region such as Rossedale in Lancashire or Rosedale in Yorkshire.

History of the surname

The earliest loose spelling of the surname that I have found appears to be an apprenticeship record of one Johannes de Redesdale dated 1349 from York in Yorkshire.

However, the earliest record of the surname Rosedale in it’s current known spelling dates to 1461, the will of Thomas Rosedale from Bridlington in Yorkshire.

In regards to my own confirmed family records, the earliest record I have is the baptism of a William Rasdale the son of Richard and Mary Rasdale dated 19th March 1688 from Whitegate in Cheshire.

Distribution of the surname

According to Ancestry, the 1891 census shows that there are 69 Rosedale families living in England and Wales and none in Scotland.  More than half of those households are Northern based in Flintshire, Cheshire, Lancashire, Durham and Yorkshire.

There are also some instances of the surname in Norfolk, Staffordshire, Glamorgan, Essex, Surrey, Middlesex, London and Devon.

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